Prof. S.P. Singh, FNA

Chief Editor(s)

Dr. Eklabya Sharma, FNA

Dr. P.P. Dhyani, FNIE, FIAES,FBS

Executive Editor

Dr. Subrat Sharma

Managing Editor

Dr. Pushkin Phartiyal

About the Journal

CHEA has taken task as one of the mandates to strengthen research in the Himalaya so people of the region are benefited, ultimately, and here is recent knowledge product as - JOURNAL OF MOUNTAIN ENVIRONMENT & DEVELOPMENT. All of know that research we are doing and the people who are doing enough at least for time being to get place in worlds leading journals.

The idea is not limited to running a research journal, it is proposed as a principal instrument to strengthen mountain specific research in the Himalaya with active support of various stakeholders. The proposed journal will also provide an avenue for serious research efforts and make full use of data generated, many of which remain what people are calling "dark data". Therefore, the journal will require a lot of mentoring to young researchers and will motivate young people to take up research as a profession.

Research Advisory Board

Dr. Rajesh Thadani

Prof. M.K. Pandit

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